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At Be Global we provide full-service cross-border international real estate research, analysis, consulting, and brokerage services. We combine global knowledge with local expertise to solve all our customers’ needs. Whether you are looking to invest in the United States or are seeking an international investment opportunity, Be Global is here to assist.

Be Realty

For all your traditional residential resale and new construction home buying needs Be Realty Residential is here for you. Patience, persistence, expediency, aggressiveness and a firm understanding of the market; all of these attributes lead our residential clients to a successful real estate outcome. 

Be Realty Management.

A long track record of successfully managing our clients assets through an ever changing world defines Be Realty Property Management. We know that our clients have invested a lot into the assets they intrust us to manage. We most likely helped them acquire those assets and so we know how important they are.

Be Realty Commercial.

For all your business or investing needs, Be Realty Commercial will assess then assist and lead you or your organization to a positive and desired outcome. Through an exceptional team, thoughtful leadership, and strong understanding of market dynamics, Be Realty Commercial has what it takes to represent tenants and Landlords.

Be Realty

At Be Realty Global, we strive to make the world a smaller place through developing a global network of inbound investors into the Chicagoland area and a network of developers around the world who are open to individuals looking to diversify their real estate holdings across continents. 

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Property Management is a turnkey management service. Our team professionally manage over 50 residential properties and counting. Be Realty our proud to take you to where you need to be.
Andrew Wendt
Our extensive background has promised us tomorrows developments. Commercial property sales, purchases and management has proven that we are your first choice.
Mikus Kins
SVP Commercial Management
We continue to build relationships by knocking at your door, with the best broker network for all your property needs. Why wait for us to come to you.
Joe Sutton
Chief Financial Officer

We can take you to where you want to be.

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